SAOTA Built the Miami Beach House of Your Dreams

If you’ve ever wondered what the perfect Miami Beach home would look like, behold the Pine Tree House. Built in the historic Collins Waterfront district by South African firm SAOTA, Pine Tree House boasts everything from a massive pool and basketball court to a waterslide and even a convertible indoor/outdoor living area. Here, rectilinear spaces are coupled with floating planes throughout the sleek, modern structure while offering a “porous” design that embraces both the sky and surrounding landscape — hallmarks of the firm’s projects. Inside, the likes of the kitchen and dining room occupy the first floor while a trio of bedrooms are joined by a family room and master suite on the second floor. And on the roof? A terrace that overlooks the adjacent canal. Finishing touches include the likes of floor-to-ceiling glazing. Said the studio of the home:

Captivated by the Miami climate and landscape potential, the design embodies these principles — creating a landscape of experience. Through the introduction of a collection of introverted and extroverted courtyards, all aspects of the program have an immediate relationship to the outdoors… The screens play with the character of light, heightening the experience of enclosure and transparency… Working with Raymond Jungles was an excellent experience for SAOTA, as his relaxed, confident and freehand approach to landscaping resulted in a natural environment that truly reflects Miami.

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