Murs and The Grouch Announce New Duo “Thees Handz,” Self-Titled Album for November 2019 Release and Two New Songs

Former Living Legends member Murs and current member The Grouch have reunited with a new hip hop duo entitled Thees Hansz, along with a new self-titled album set for release on November 8th via Empire Records. In addition to this album announcement, the duo announced two new tracks “Thees Handz” and “Be Nice” featuring Brady Watt. “Thees Handz” features a booming hip hop beat, with confident and braggadocios lyrics, where both rappers discuss the origins of their career, and how they achieved success on their own. The chorus sums up the song’s energy perfectly, stating:”These hands, motherfucker these hands, built it from the ground up with a full-proof plan.”



Living Legends was formed in Los Angeles back in 1996 by Murs, Luckyiam, Sunspot Jonz, The Grouch, Scarub, Eligh, Aesop, Bicasso and Arata. While Arata and Murs left the group, the collective became known as one of the most successful independent hip hop groups from the West Coast during the late 1990s and early 2000s era. While both artists still rap to this day, with Murs releasing A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable and The Grouch dropping The Tonite Show with The Grouch last year, both have also gone off into other ventures. Murs has become a prominent hip hop commentator for HipHopDx, while The Grouch has dabbled in production as of late.

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