Here’s a Hands-On Look at the iPhone 8 in Black, Silver, and Copper Gold



With a number of blurry photo leaks of the iPhone 8 floating around the internet, tech blogger Danny Winget delivered a hands-on look at the three most talked about colors, including “Copper Gold,” today on YouTube. As Winget notes early on, the phones on display are mock-up models, and not the final versions set to drop later this year. Nevertheless, they seem to match with the majority of photo leaks that have circulated the blogosphere for months now, so we can’t imagine they’ll look much different.

The black and silver versions of the iPhone 8 are probably what you were expecting, the copper gold iteration however is another story. Appearing in a darker pink hue when compared to the current rose gold color found on the iPhone 7, Danny’s copper gold mock-up features a contrasting white bezel and shiny gold sides.

Winget concludes his teaser video by placing the iPhone 8 next to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7.

Again, do remember, these are mock-up models, so the final version may vary slightly. What are your thoughts?

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