Enough Tee - Raising Funds for Change

The Outré Apparel team is disheartened by the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd. As an organization that was built from the ground up, with our creative eyes and lenses plugged directly into the life and culture of the Black community, we see it as not only necessary but entirely imperative to take a militant stance in support of the efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement, its goals and mission, as well as organizations and collectives with shared motives and platforms. We understand that the violence waged against the people, specifically Black people, is not a new phenomenon, but rather a centuries-long condition of American life and culture.

Since the beginning, Outré has been entirely supported, propelled, and patronized by Black artists, musicians, and other creatives. Simply put: without them, there would be no Outré. We know that we cannot continue to position ourselves within the Hip Hop community without committing to the social and political legacy that birthed Hip Hop in the first place - as a direct critique of the dangers of American life as experienced by society’s most marginalized communities. It is with our sincere and upmost inclination that we exercise deep, formative support for the Black community while creating and facilitating any possible avenues for Black voices to be amplified during these crucial times. 

It is our promise as a brand to be more than just clothing, but to be active voices in the rejection of racist, anti-Black colonial violence at the hands of the police and other vigilante forms of terror. We stand in solidarity with the victims’ families - especially the Black mothers. We stand in solidarity with the names of the victims we know of just as much as the countless names of victims that we do not know. We hope to take a more active part in the struggle for change and the pursuit of justice. May we all be forever guided towards unity, collective understanding, and most importantly, peace.

Proceeds for the presale will be donated to local Black organizations and activists on the frontlines of protest. 


Enough is enough! Let's help put a break to this cycle and spread the word by sharing. 

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