A Recap of All the Stunning Street Art at MURAL Festival 2017

The fifth edition of Montreal’s beloved MURAL Festival has wrapped up this past Sunday. This year’s 10-day event which attracted millions of visitors worldwide was perhaps the biggest one yet compared to previous installments. From June 8 to 18, street artists from across the globe painted a series of striking murals all across the city with a majority of full-scale pieces having been completed in the city’s Saint Laurent avenue.

The lineup of artists included both international talent and well-known creatives from Quebec spanning Ricardo Cavolo (Spain), Ron English (USA), 1010 (Germany), MadC (Germany), INSA (U.K.), Fintan Magee (Australia), Fluke (Canada) as well as Miss Me (Montreal) to name a few. Additionally, the festival was extended to sections of Old Montreal as the show runners joined forces with the local merchants association—a first for the MURAL Festival label.

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